Family Member

  We regard our pets in the UK as valued members of our family   Our pets are definitely treated as members of our family. They share in all we do on a daily basis. We give them the same family routine as we have; feeding them at similar times to us and...


  We consider our pets to be our best friends   ​In a world of increased social media where every element of our lives appears to be judged by the number of likes we get, our pets offer an escape from it all by being completely non-judgemental and accepting...

Is your pet on medication?

  ​Is your pet having steroids, phenobarbitone or even cbd oil?   If you are one of the many millions of pet owners out there with an allergic, itchy pet; you will most likely at some point have been given a course of steroid tablets to dose your pet (also...

A ticking time bomb

  ​How will our dogs react when lockdown is lifted?   There is a very real concern with our dogs that as we have shown from this website our pets are regarded as family members and empaths and the concern is how will they react when lockdown is lifted and...

Breaking News

The headlines about Coronavirus fill our TV’s and screens daily, but this morning’s latest findings needed to be broadcast as it so directly influences our pets too. The headlines are: Researchers have warned that obesity increased the risk of dying of the...
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