Overweight corgi
The headlines about Coronavirus fill our TV’s and screens daily, but this morning’s latest findings needed to be broadcast as it so directly influences our pets too.

The headlines are:

Researchers have warned that obesity increased the risk of dying of the virus by 37%!
May 5th – “And Britain’s virus death toll, which rose yesterday, becoming the country in Europe with the highest death rate. Scientists believe obese patients are more at risk of serious complications because their immune systems are worn out after repairing cells damaged by excess fat.”

So if we can finally prove in humans that obesity is a health risk linked to a compromised immune system, let’s apply that to our over-loved and over-indulged dogs. They are far more at risk from all the viruses and bacterial infections out there if they carry just a small amount of extra weight.

This means that we will not have our dogs around for as long as we want them and our veterinary bills will be so much higher.

With these statistics, we are here to help to promote and advise on the best way to treat your pets so that we offer them the best chance of a strong immune system to live long and healthy lives. A healthy gut is key to your dog’s health, with 70% of the immune system found in the intestines, so we promote fibre rich and high nutrient plant-based homemade treats.


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