baby in highchair laughing while dog eats his food


We regard our pets in the UK as valued members of our family


heartOur pets are definitely treated as members of our family. They share in all we do on a daily basis. We give them the same family routine as we have; feeding them at similar times to us and sharing in those odd treats that we too indulge in on a daily basis. So many of us have turned to comfort eating during these challenging times and we will definitely share our comfort foods with our most valued companions.

Most of our pets will share in our Sunday roast (although we know not to give bones and onions); and when the weekly ice cream van appears again in the summer; our pets have to have their own cone to enjoy with the children. Those cheese toasties are a favourite to share with our ever-present dogs as well as all those crisps that they hear being opened from any room in the house!

There are the scraps on the plates of all our children that need finishing – cannot let all those turkey dinosaurs and ham sandwiches go to waste, and when we go on a diet ourselves; we definitely do not want to just throw away those fatty bacon edges – much better to toss them to our adoring pets waiting patiently in the kitchen!

We understand as we all do it, but table scraps are NOT nutritious and they do not help your pet lead a long and healthy life. We can help you to break this habit. We offer healthy and delicious alternatives to all the unhealthy scraps that you are feeding your dog.

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