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Arielle Griffiths MRCVS
Vet and pet owner

I am passionate about helping owners with their pets. I am a practising GP vet based in the UK, a pet owner, a mother of 4 children and a forces  wife, and I fully understand the strength of the human-animal bond. I choose to only consult as I love it and I am fascinated by owners and their love for their pets as I relate to all of it!

​My journey as a Just Be Kind Slimming Pets vet came from a passion to help owners with their overweight pets. We are an army family and we were posted abroad for 7 years. It meant moving home every 2 years with 4 children, dogs, cats, guinea pigs and even a chicken Coco who lived in 4 different countries with us as we loved her so much!

Upon returning to the UK after 7 years away, I was struck by how obese the pet population had become and how owners were overfeeding their pets out of love. After one particularly emotional day where I had to put 4 dogs to sleep for either being too overweight that they couldn’t get up, or obesity related issues such as cancer; I returned to my family and vowed to do something about this crisis as it really affected me.

Ruff in boot of the carI registered as a business called Slimming Pets Ltd and I threw myself passionately into dog nutrition and human behaviour. I completed as many nutrition courses as I could and I listened to each and every client who walked through the door. There is so much differing information out there for us as pet owners with so much of it being dictated by the large pet food companies as they can afford the most on advertising.

We are taught so little about nutrition at vet school as it is a given that the pet food companies have it all sorted for us and we just need to feed their foods, but as a Mum and pet owner and a scientist, this wasn’t good enough for me – especially listening to the concerns of my clients. I have learnt so much just by listening to you the pet owner.

Every bit of research that I completed to find the healthiest diet for our dogs all pointed to a plant-based diet.

Although now living and working in the UK, I turned to Germany for advice from 2 of the top vet nutritionists there as they seemed to be well ahead of us in the UK with regards to pet nutrition. I have worked with these two top vet nutritionists to come up with the best homemade diets available and our little dog Ruff just loves his food. His coat is shiny, he has bundles of energy and as a dog owner and vet I just know that the nutrient-rich immune-boosting homemade food and homemade treats have made all the difference.

I am so passionate about this and about sharing it with you and everything I have learnt from listening to pet owners and clients as just like all of you who love their dogs more than you can say, we all want them to live for as long as possible and have the happy, healthy pain-free lives that they deserve. Lockdown has exacerbated everything and like so many of us putting on the ‘lockdown stone’; so too are our pets suffering with extra weight that is impacting hugely on their quality of life.

Feeding ourselves and our children is difficult enough, but with the array of information out there, feeding our dogs is a minefield and we offer sensible and unbiased help and guidance to you the pet owner as we all need help following lockdown!

just be kind slimming pets

Clare Knottenbelt BVSc MSc DSAM MRCVS
Veterinary Oncologist and pet owner
Hawk and Dove Oncology Referrals

Clare Knottenbelt's dog HuntleyI am committed to trying to ensure that pets are as healthy and long lived as they can be. As an RCVS specialist in Small Animal Medicine and a Veterinary Oncologist, I spend much of my time supporting owners whose pets have cancer. As one in every three dogs and cats will develop cancer it’s a problem that sadly affects so many owners.

I lost my last dog Huntly to cancer at only 9 years old and this gave me a new perspective on the emotional burden that having a pet with cancer places on your family. Huntly was sadly plagued with medical problems throughout his life and these resulted in massive weight gain followed by massive weight loss. In the end he developed a thyroid tumour in his neck which meant that it become increasingly difficult for him to breathe.

Unfortunately, our current dog Jumble has already had a mast cell tumour removed, and at 8 years old is starting to experience middle-aged spread. At this point in his life, the risk of him developing many diseases including cancer increases and if his weight isn’t kept under control, he is at greater risk of mobility issues too.

For many years I worked at the University of Glasgow and during this time became more aware of the similarities between humans and our much-loved pets when it comes to causes and prevention of disease. I was often asked what causes cancer in pets and just like in humans there is no straight answer; we know there are things we can do to try to prevent cancer such as not smoking, eating healthily and taking lots of exercise. These factors can help humans achieve a healthy life expectancy and that’s what we all want for our pets.

Clare Knottenbelt's dog Jumble with daughter

As a family we are determined to ensure that Jumble has the longest and healthiest life that he can. Jumble has grown up with my daughters and he provides the whole family with emotional support and gets us all up and out to take him for walks. We all want Jumble to live a long life and to remain healthy, but despite this, it has only been recently that we started to review exactly what he was being fed. It came as a shock to realise that Jumble eats so much junk food – I don’t let my kids do that, but I now understand why he has started to gain weight!

This realisation has meant that I want to support his health through his food. I know that I am not the only pet owner that feels this way and as a vet I can help support others to ensure that their furry family members can also live long and stay as healthy as possible!

just be kind slimming pets

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