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heart​How will our dogs react when lockdown is lifted?


There is a very real concern with our dogs that as we have shown from this website our pets are regarded as family members and empaths and the concern is how will they react when lockdown is lifted and some of us return to school, universities and work?

They have been so intricately involved in our daily lives and have loved the new routine of frequent walks, constant company and a variety of treats just for being the wonderful pets that they are, from everyone in the family. If you have had to self-isolate alone, then this is even more of an issue as they have been your constant presence keeping you sane and happy.

The ticking time bomb is how will our dogs react when everything changes and suddenly they are left alone again for long periods of time. Will they become destructive, will they bark and cry constantly (that would break our hearts), will they hurt themselves trying to follow us?

We are as concerned about this as you may be and we are veterinary professionals. We do offer a number of tips and helpful advice on how to deal with the guilt and the worry.

Guilt is a powerful emotion and separation anxiety is hugely prevalent amongst our pets – (*1. Kelly C. Ballantyne DVM) “Separation anxiety is the most common behavioural disorders of dogs with approximately 17% to 29% reported to have separation anxiety. It presents significant welfare issues for affected dogs as it can cause emotional distress, can interfere with normal functioning, may result in self-trauma, and can increase the dog’s risk of relinquishment or euthanasia. These conditions can also negatively impact the quality of life of the pet owner or owners.”

1. Ballantyne, Kelly C. “Separation, Confinement, or Noises: What Is Scaring That Dog?.” Veterinary Clinics of North America: Small Animal Practice (2018)

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