Why an 8-week immune boosting challenge?

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Do you feel that you can’t stop treating and overfeeding?

We understand and we care and as vets and pet owners (and parents) ourselves; we offer behavioural advice as we too love our dogs unconditionally

Bramble the dog who wanted to live forever

Do you want to share in our best kept secret?

The inspiration for our nutrient-dense plant-based treats comes from Bramble the UK’s oldest dog who died at the amazing age of 24 on an immunity-boosted fresh food homemade diet!

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Why is it an 8 week challenge?

It is well documented that it takes 8 weeks for us to change our behaviour and we want you to be able to keep with this healthy new and very easy feeding regime for the lifetime of your pet

heart**Our 8 week immune-boosting challenge offers….**


Possibly the healthiest treats to feed your dog


A healthy gut is key to your dog's health, with 70% of the immune system found in the gut!


Help for any dogs with anal gland issues as our treats are high in essential fibre and prebiotics


Superfood ingredients irresistible to your dog


Hypoallergenic organic ingredients in our treats suitable for ALL dogs as grain free, soya, corn and dairy free and NO animal protein


Relief for any dogs with chronic itchy ears


Advice to avoid the dangerous treats that we may feed


Made and tested by vets with a passion for wanting the best for their own dogs


Sustainable and ethical ingredients kind to your pet and kind to our planet with compostable packaging

“Jumble absolutely loves the treats in fact he was sitting waiting as soon as we started cooking. He is super excited about his new breakfast snack and his coat is looking super shiny! The recipe was really easy and so we want to continue this new healthy and tasty habit so we can have him as long as we can – he is already 8 so hopefully eating more healthy food will help stay fit for longer!”

Clare Knottenbelt BVSc MSc DSAM MRCVS Veterinary Oncologist and Jumble’s Mum

heartYour dog will live a longer happier life with everything you gain from our 8 week immune-boosting challenge. Their coat will become soft and healthy, the weight will drop off, and their energy levels  will improve – don’t they deserve this and more? The best bit is that they will still be treated and loved with the correct foods and they can live longer on this immune-boosting plan.

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