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We consider our pets to be our best friends


heart​In a world of increased social media where every element of our lives appears to be judged by the number of likes we get, our pets offer an escape from it all by being completely non-judgemental and accepting of every trait we feel others may not like in us. They just love us for who we are.

Our pets are always there and real, loving us whether we’re in a bad mood, whether we don’t quite look our best, when we’re sad and when we are happy. They share in the small things in life and to most of us, they are the reason we get up in the morning as they are there – needing our affection, attention and food, especially at this unsettling and challenging time – they offer us possibly our only reason some days to actually get up!

Their loving non-judgemental daily presence needs to be rewarded, and we are compelled to give them everything they love – particularly their favourite foods and treats – after all they deserve them as we hold them in such high regard. Our lives wouldn’t be quite the same without our pets.

They give us the quality of life we crave – pure unconditional love from a constant presence who not only looks beautiful, but is soft and loving and responds to all our actions, voices and strokes. Some of our pets offer us even more – they are our hobby – we show them, take them to agility classes, take them on holidays with us (or as many of the UK population does – we plan our holidays around our pet!)

All of this needs rewarding and food does become part of this as we have to give them everything they deserve as our best friends. We wouldn’t dare invite a good friend to our house and not offer them something to eat or drink – it is ingrained in us to offer our best friends food as soon as we see them.

Our slimming pets kindly plan will help to keep your best friends as healthy as they possibly can be so that they live for as long as possible. It is known that in all breeds, the average life span is shorter in overweight compared with normal weight dogs  (1. Salt, Carina, et al) Our biggest secret is the inspiration we have from Bramble the dog who wanted to live forever who lived on a diet of pure love and healthy plant-based nutrient-rich foods!

We want you to support you to keep your best friend healthy and happy – just what you want too!


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