Importance of sleep

  Sleep is more important than diet and exercise combined as described in humans – * One poor night of sleep can lead to higher levels of cortisol the next day. * When you have cortisol activated, guess what follows? * Glucose and insulin. * Do you know...

Is my overweight pet in more pain?

  Definitely YES is the answer to the question – “Is your pet in more pain if it carries extra weight.” Just 25 years ago; we thought that fat was just a white mass of storage of energy that insulates us and is there in times of famine. We realise now how very...


  How many of you tell your pets everything?   Apparently just vocalising your stresses immediately calms you, even if you talk to yourself. It is only natural that we communicate with our pet everyday, and even more so during this unprecedented and...

Those Eyes

  Why do ‘those eyes’ draw us in so much?   There is evidence to prove that the gaze of our pets releases the hormone oxytocin in both us as owners and in our pets. Oxytocin is a powerful bonding hormone that is released by mothers soon after giving birth to...

Family Member

  We regard our pets in the UK as valued members of our family   Our pets are definitely treated as members of our family. They share in all we do on a daily basis. We give them the same family routine as we have; feeding them at similar times to us and...
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