Terms and Conditions

Our homemade plant based dog treats have been tested on our own dogs only and although we are vets, we cannot be held responsible for any complications that may arise in your pet with any of the products and ingredients that we are using and recommend. We offer transparency and honesty as we have had no large corporate financial backing, only our own research to find a sustainable solution to feed our pets the healthiest treats possible and protect the planet’s health.

Our treat recipes are recommended for use in adult dogs with no serious clinical conditions.

The recommendations we use are based on our own market research and information obtained from scientific journals. We cannot claim these to always be fully accurate and correct.

If your pet suffers with any clinical conditions, we do not offer any veterinary advice for any individual cases. We recommend that any pet with any clinical concerns be taken to their own vets.

Refunds and Cancellations

We offer a full refund and replacement if you are not entirely happy with the product or if it arrives damaged in anyway. Please let us know straight away by contacting us at info@slimmingpets.co.uk

For any queries or concerns that you may have about any of our products, then please contact Arielle Griffiths MRCVS at info@slimmingpets.co.uk or write to us at Just be Kind Slimming Pets Stapleford Estate Saxby Road Melton Mowbray Leicestershire LE14 2SB

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