Hemp comes out tops

Hemp flower with a bee on it

We only found amazing hemp protein by accident. While trying to find the plant-based product that offered the highest protein content and with a son as a body builder, we Googled vegan body builder supplements!

Hemp protein powder came up tops out of all the plant-based protein powders as it contains all of the essential amino acids (EAAs) required in the building of a complete protein source. The ratios of EAAs are very close to other typical protein sources such as meat, milk and eggs, as well as containing essential fatty acids (EFA), vitamins, and minerals.

The only downside is that it has a very earthy, slightly nutty flavour and turns everything green! The upside is that once we introduced it into our protein packs and Umameo treats as the main protein source, the excitement in Ruff’s face when he tasted the food was remarkable, his pupils dilate when he smells the food – a sure sign that he loves it!!

The biggest positive with using hemp powder as the primary protein source in plant-based foods is that it is environmentally extremely sustainable. It is a gloriously green leafy plant that produces quantities of life-giving oxygen while similarly absorbing masses of carbon dioxide. It’s biggest bonus environmentally is that it is a magnet for bees and insects – perfect for future sustainability and environmental regeneration. We have chosen an organic mix for our protein packs as no pesticides are used and the crops support the bee and insect populations as shown in this article – Taller hemp plants it seems attracts bee populations to it in droves.

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