Begging dog at table Slimming Pets UK

Those Eyes

There is evidence to prove that the gaze of our pets releases the hormone oxytocin in both us as owners and in our pets so we give in to ‘those adoring eyes’

selfie of shih tzu in pram  Slimming Pets UK


Our pets are our best friends – they just love us for who we are and in a world of increased social media they are our ever present companions who deserve the best

daschund watching owner eat  Slimming Pets UK


We tend to talk to our pets and share all our worries and secrets – that level of responsibility and devotion deserves treating and sharing in all we indulge in

dog eating babies food and baby laughing Slimming Pets UK

Family Member

Our pets share in the full family routine – sleeping in our beds, setting our routine and sharing in all we do, and especially eating our food is part of this

ill owner in bed with black labrador   Slimming Pets UK

Beyond Love

Sometimes the love we have for our pets transcends anything we can comprehend – we just love them as they carry attachments to people and places in our lives

pug alone at home Slimming Pets UK


How many of us treat our pets before we leave them alone at home out of sheer guilt knowing that our absence will make them anxious and unhappy?