Feed your dog their 5 a day

When we join any weight loss plan, we are given ‘free foods’ that we can eat to our heart’s content so why not our pets?

We also know that the NHS guidelines are for us to eat at least 5 portions of fruit and veg and day – it may even have changed to 8 or 10 a day!


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Why have we never been advised this before for our pets?

Well the pet food market is dominated by large companies all desperate for you to believe them as the only ones who can nourish your pet and they make you believe that their produced food should be all you feed your pet.

The pet food companies are multi-million corporates all fighting for you to buy their food, and supplementing with fresh fruit and veg means less profit for these companies, so they would never mention it!

Maybe it is only your vet or your dog walking group who may have mentioned adding in a carrot or some broccoli to your dog’s daily ration? We go even further with Slimming Pets as we really want to keep your pets as healthy as possible, so we have the 5 a day challenge for your loved pet!

Frenchie being hugged by the owner

It makes sense

Dogs are omnivores who have been living side by side with humans for thousands of years since we first developed agriculture and cultivating the land. We realised very early on how useful a dog would be to protect our crops and livestock as well as protect us from intruders and we began to feed these useful companions with all our leftovers.

Fast forward modern day where we still feed leftovers, our dogs sleep in our beds, they are chosen for their adorable looks and character and bear no resemblance at all to the dogs of the past; we can see how they too have adapted to be exactly like us….so much so that their bacterial gut flora or ‘microbiome’ as it is now known is the same not only amongst family human members, but our dogs share our same family gut flora!

How does fruit and veg affect gut flora?

Fruit and vegetables contain all the vital fibre that those little gut bacteria need to thrive and grow on. Just like our pets; we are made up of more bacteria than human cells, but we just don’t look like a bacteria as their cells are so tiny!

With that in mind, we have to start thinking about the importance of fruit and vegetables in the diets of our dog. Include at least 5 portions of fruit or veg a day that are safe to feed your pet and it will benefit their health enormously. Not only do they benefit from a feeling of fullness from the high fibre in fruit and veg, but by feeding 5 different types with different colours, they are getting their full spectrum of nutrients.
……plus most pets love crunchy raw carrots, cucumber, apples…try it out on your trusting dog!

Owner holding basket of fruit and veg

Which are unsafe to feed?


Grapes and raisins


Onions and garlic


Leeks and mushrooms


Apple core (pips)

But the rest of the apple is perfect – especially the skin!


Raw potato


Throwing fruit

If round small fruit is thrown to your excited pet to catch in their expectant mouths, some fruit such a blueberries could cause a blockage if trapped in the throat.
Feed blueberries as your dog will love them, but do not throw them!



What is the secret to helping our pets lose weight?


We can honestly say in our personal experience it will work for your pet!

We challenge you to change the way you feed your pet for just 8 weeks and see what a difference it makes to their health and happiness…..

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