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We confess to not knowing everything about pet nutrition but we are pet owners, pet lovers, parents, previous slimming club attendees as well as being professional UK Vets and Registered Veterinary Nurses. With our years of combined experience, we understand about overfeeding out of love as we too have had overweight very cherished pets.

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We have all been there with our own pets as we love them as much as you love your own

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We want to share our pet nutrition knowledge with you as we understand and we care

What is the secret to helping our pets lose weight?


We can honestly say in our personal experience it will work for your pet!

We challenge you to change the way you feed your pet for just 8 weeks and see what a difference it makes to their health and happiness…..

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Could your dog be hypothyroid?

Could your dog be hypothyroid?

Are you worried about your overweight and lethargic dog? As a vet I am able to write about this topic first hand as we made this diagnosis only last year on our 5 year old very loved little rescue called Ruff. He went from being an active, happy little dog, to...

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