Why do we have to make the treats ourselves?


By knowing exactly what goes into the treats that you are feeding your dog, you are fully in control of their diet. Our ingredients are selected to be the very best quality for our pets with no expense spared and the only way to make them affordable, is to make them yourself:)

There is nothing more rewarding than ‘baking’ for your own pet in your kitchen with them watching you. The treats come out warm and very tempting to your dog and they are perfectly safe for us to eat and try too…..but remember they are balanced for your pet, not for our taste-buds!

Dogs need nutrients not ingredients and they have the innate ability to smell every amino acid and vitamin in the food so the more nutrient-dense, the more appetising. We also add in foods that we know dogs find irresistible such as nutritional yeast and tahini paste.

The recipes are super-easy and actually quite therapeutic to make!


just be kind slimming pets
Just be kind slimming pets
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