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heartOur treats that we recommend you feed your pet are 100% plant-based and filled with ingredients that we should be eating ourselves to boost our own immunity!


The benefits of our plant-based organic homemade treats are:



Increased intake of antioxidants

These help to protect your pets’ body cells and tissues against damage and can be found especially in the brightly coloured butternut and bright green marine phytoplankton or bright red wild organic cranberry powder we add to the recipe.

It’s packed with fibre

The increased fibre and bulk chosen with our carefully selected ingredients, ensure perfect regular toilets for your dog. Plus there are less complications for dogs with anal gland issues as the increased bulk enables the natural expressing of the glands every time your dog goes to the toilet!


Natural prebiotics for a healthy gut microbiome

By providing the healthiest of prebiotics with slippery elm and pumpkin seed protein, your pet is getting all it needs for a fully functioning and healthy gut microbiome with only natural ingredients


Full of natural vitamins and minerals

Our nutrient dense treats are made of whole plant foods that are naturally packed with nutrients, such as vitamins and minerals, that your dog’s bodies need to give them energy and ensure a healthy and sustained weight loss

Fully hypoallergenic

By eliminating animal protein and dairy as well as soya, wheat and corn in these plant-based treats, we are removing a food group that a lot of dogs are intolerant to, and may not even realise. This can be seen in poor skin coat, intensely itchy ears, chewing paws and constant stomach and bowel issues


No saturated fats

Saturated fats cause so many issues in both us and our pets and are found in high meat diets. Our plant-based treats contain no saturated fats, only rich in healthy Omega 3 fats found in the marine phytoplankton and Omega 6 rich tahini paste
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