What are the ingredients in the treat packs?


heart Our Umameo original and natural ginger ingredients are chosen with the health of your pet in mind. Nothing artificial is added and each ingredient has a specific function. These high-nutrient treats are made using our hearts and our scientific knowledge.

We want only the best for your pet.

Our Umameo Original Treat Pack Ingredients


homemade dog treats protein pack with Ruff plant-based dog

20% Organic sweet lupine protein powder

30% Organic amaranth protein

3% Pumpkin seed protein

8% Ground sunflower seeds

32% Organic oatbran

3% Nutritional yeast flakes

0.5% Marine phytoplankton

0.5% Slippery elm

0.2% Organic wild cranberry powder

0.8% Taurine, Biotin, Vit C and crushed Vit B12 and Vit D3 tablets

2% VEGDOG All-In-Veluxe supplement

This protein base is made up into a treat mixed with tahini and oat milk so no soya, corn, animal proteins or dairy at all!


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