Are you worried about your overweight and lethargic dog?

As a vet I am able to write about this topic first hand as we made this diagnosis only last year on our 5 year old very loved little rescue called Ruff. He went from being an active, happy little dog, to appearing quite depressed, lethargic, lazy and the giveaway was his fur loss over his neck and onto his long bushy tail. His fur also lost all its lustre as did he!

A simple blood test sent off to the laboratory showed that he indeed had low levels of the hormone thyroxin which led us to immediately diagnose hypothyroidism and start him on thyroxin tablets.

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Is my overweight pet in more pain?

Is my overweight pet in more pain?

It was thought that fat was just a white blob of storage of energy that insulates us and is there in times of famine. We realise now how very far from fact that is…..

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Blue Monday for our Pets

Blue Monday for our Pets

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