Why Blue Monday affects our Pets

The third Monday of every January is named “Blue Monday” – the most depressing day of the year owing to cold weather, dark long nights and a lack of post-christmas cash. It is also a time when most of us are likely to cave in and break our new year’s resolutions (mainly due to stress with having no money!)

This has a huge impact on our pets as we sit at home crunching on those crisps and biscuits we said we’d cut down on and basically binge-watching box sets and feeling sorry for ourselves.

Sadly, we do involve our pets in this too. They feel and respond to our moods as much as any other family member does, and if we are feeling blue and stressed, so too does this impact on them.

We are also far more inclined to share in our guilty overeating and breaking of those resolutions with our adoring dogs who we know are the perfect confidantes and would never divulge our weaknesses or tell anyone about our late night eating! This unfortunately makes us treat our pets even more – not only do they share in our indulgences, but we feed them all the treats they also love as they are so important in our lives in keeping all our secrets.

Another reason for overfeeding our pets at this time of the year, is out of guilt. We have had to return to long hours of work after the luxury of maybe up to 2 weeks at home over christmas with our pets.

We feel so guilty about leaving them alone, that we give them their favourite foods – usually fat-laden dog treats and chews placed in their favourite spot in the lounge as we guiltily sneak out of the door to work.

There is a solution and we are here to help as we understand and we care…..

Read the full report that reveals that many pets are suffering from chronic stress, loneliness and obesity

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